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Figure it out together.

Helping couples and individuals improve their relationships in life and business.


My name is Shannon Kelly

I am a CTA certified coach and I absolutely love helping people improve their relationships. I help partnerships in life and business become more supportive and fulfilling, rather than strained and draining. I teach my clients how to understand each other's actions and motivations so they don't get trapped repeating unsuccessful patterns. My clients, whether individuals looking for a partner, partners in life, or partners in business, graduate with an ability to focus on what's really important in each moment so they can get the most out of what really matters.

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I offer coaching services to individuals, couples, thruples, and groups to support relationship growth individually, personally, and professionally.

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Relationship Coaching

When relationships are good, they're great. But when communication gets sharp, you find yourself avoiding certain topics, or you can't escape a recurring argument, it's time to take a deeper look at what is really being said, and left unsaid.

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Business & Partnership Coaching

This is a unique type of coaching for a unique type of partnership. While we work on the pragmatics of taking your business to the next level, we will also work on how you each show up at work so you can be the versions of yourselves that work well together.

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Group Coaching

Magic happens when we work together. No matter the focus of the group, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself, implementable strategies for your success, and new connections with like-minded, growth-oriented people to carry forward.

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