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Real Estate Training

Are you a Realtor who wants to...

  • Have control over your schedule and your life?

  • Reduce stress while making more money?

  • Increase referrals and find joy in lead generation?

  • Be recognized as the top agent in your market?

  • Have a consistent and reliable income?

I can help you break through to the next level

  • Build and lead the team of your dreams

  • Always have time off scheduled

  • Develop an income earning retirement plan

  • Break the mold and run your business your way

  • Feel confident and love what you do!

Training will help you:

  • Learn what to do and and when to do it

  • Find quicker fixes for more more immediate goals

  • Build skills (from the basics to the advanced)

  • Develop, edit, and perfect scripts and presentations

  • Gain direct feedback for action-oriented tasks

  • Business planning & team building

  • Goal setting & mapping

I am not your average real estate trainer I've been where you are right now. I understand what it's like to go for months without a check only to be flooded with $50,000 in a week. I know the struggle of needing to be on call for your clients while trying to eat dinner with your family. As the industry has evolved to leverage technology, agents have only gotten more entrenched and tightly chained to their devices, becoming less present in their lives outside their job. Instead, why not thrive living a balanced life that is both fulfilling and enriching?

With the help of a coach, I tripled my income in the span of a year and the following years saw regular 25% growth. Earning more was the easy part once I'd broken through my own barriers. I built a business that I loved -- one that sustained my life but didn't run it. I had time to do things that enriched my life outside of work. I held this profession accountable to its promises of freedom, flexibility, and an incredible income. And now I am here to help you do the same!

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