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About Shannon



BA in Psychology (2001)

Licensed REALTOR® (2000) California DRE 01299940

Certificate in Personal Financial Planning (2011)

Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) (2020)

Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) (2020)

Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) (2020)

Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) (2020)

International Coaching Federation Member (2020)

CTA Certified Coach (2021)

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I’ve never been one to shy from self-reflection, personally and professionally. Reflecting with compassionate critiques has provided me opportunities to clearly express my offerings, values, and boundaries. I've found that as I've become more clear about what I want from life, life has responded in kind. My journey to reach this place required me to (learn to) embrace my whole self. When helping others I draw on a variety of modalities, which can sometimes feel paradoxical: grounding practices that embrace detachment and focused pragmatics that require drive, determination, and a commitment to achieving a successful outcome. Be committed to your desired outcome, but remain flexible in the journey to achieve it.


In my pre-teen years my dad introduced me to Alan Watts and so began my appreciation of Eastern philosophy, Buddhism, and Zen practices. As I matured, I gobbled up works by Pema Chödrön, Eckhart Tolle, and Don Miguel Ruiz before stumbling on Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul which became a watershed moment, ultimately leading me to the study of Shamanism and animism. The Law of Attraction from Ester and Jerry Hicks served as a foundation for what my studies and practices fortified.


I lived in a world of synchronicities, manifesting a life of ease and abundance. As a realtor in one of the country's most competitive markets, I’d get a deal under contract, then announce, “Okay, I’m ready for the next one!” and within a week, I’d have a new client who’d be in contract before the last one closed. It is a wondrous existence when you walk in that space of connection. The results come fast once you step on your right track.


Energy is infectious. What you feel inside is what you radiate out and it will magnetically attract others with similar vibes.

Be intentional about who you attract.


During this time, I hired a coach to help me take my business to the next level, paying for a year upfront. Within three months I suffered a severe dog bite to my face* and found myself unable to work for months. We pivoted and went to work on my bigger goals. The following year I had my best year yet, both personally and professionally. I doubled my income while maintaining regular time off and explored other interests to expand my ability to affect positive change in my own life and the lives of my clients.

Professionally, I have been a licensed realtor since 2000, following in the footsteps of my mother. I have maintained a successful referral based business for over 20 years. Through a lifetime of entrepreneurship and growing up in a family of self-employed adults I’ve learned a lot about businesses: How to build one, run one, scale one. How to hire slow and fire fast. How to communicate effectively (and intentionally) with your colleagues, superiors, and subordinates. How to be an effective leader while still running your business. How to build for the future while not losing sight of the important present. How to take time to refresh and re-balance so your work and business doesn’t consume your life. And how to plan an exit strategy that will provide income into your retirement.

My psychology degree has given me the tools to find and expose the patterns that are in play in your actions, inactions, and interactions, and how you can tweak them to improve your results.

*I love dogs and refused to let this experience make fear bigger than my love for them. Since 2019 I've volunteered at my local SPCA where I work with dogs and find them endlessly entertaining, educating, and affirming.

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