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About the Work

I work holistically with my clients. We live in a culture that divides and would have us believe that who we are at work is a version of ourselves that exists in the vacuum of work. Likewise, the version that exists with our romantic partners is a piece of us, as is the version we are with our family, and another version with our friends. Where things begin to fall apart is when you forget that you are a whole person and that all those pieces have common values and dreams. I work with you as a whole person so you will learn to live and act as your most whole and authentic self.

The deepest part of the work I do is helping my clients remember who they are at their core and reconnect all the seemingly disparate pieces of themselves into a whole, cohesive being. This work is done together and focuses not on the origin of the stories of separation and trauma, but on the current stories being lived and how to reframe them, retraining the brain through a variety of neuroplasticity exercises, refocusing your consciousness though simple exercises in learning to notice, and taming your subconscious through exercise that get through to it so it will listen and shift its narrative.

While doing the deeper work to shift the internal monologue and ideas of worthiness we also address the pragmatics for more immediately recognizable and measurable successes.

When you make the decision to begin this work, your decision will go to work on you. You will begin to see opportunities to act in concert with the you you are rediscovering and with each affirming action, you will step more firmly into the exciting future rushing toward you.

Coaching sessions are via phone calls, though virtual meetings are available when appropriate to the work (like when preparing for a presentation or meeting when your expressions and body language need to match your words and tone). I offer 50 minute sessions two or three times per month and require a minimum of four sessions to begin. Individual coaching sessions are $185/session. Discounts are available for longer commitments. Sliding scale is available on a limited basis for women and POC.

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