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Coaching intentional alignment

Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be for deep and lasting change.

Intentional alignment means that your choices and actions are in line with your core values.

Simple. But simple is not always easy.

It begins with awareness, with noticing.


When you are unaware of your internal motivations you will make decisions that will support your historical stories and familiar reality, even if every fiber of your being yearns for something new. You will find yourself drifting through life, experiencing the same relationships with different people, the same annoyances and frustrations no matter how differently you approach the situation. It's time for change. There is more for you.


Living your life in intentional alignment will reward you in more ways than you imagine. Your choices will become clear and focused. You will naturally attract the people that will help you reach your goals with an appreciation for the value you bring.

Let's get down to business.

From imposter syndrome to fear of success (or failure), the professional world is wrought with insecurities. How can you be sure to say the right thing at the right time? What will get you the enthusiastic yes that will help you get to that next level? How do you confidently ask for what you want? What you deserve? What you need? How do you stay true to yourself and your core values while building your business and career? How do you pick yourself up from disappointment to rise even higher? How are your stories about who you are, or who you are supposed to be, getting in your way of achieving your potential?


When clients come to work with me they often feel stuck and find that their stuckness is spilling over into other areas of their life. Sometimes "stuck" looks like a plateau where you are in a good, solid place, but you need to break through to the next level. Work stress slides into personal frustrations and general unhappiness. Roadblocks to the next level professionally can breed feelings of ineffectiveness which can cause shorter tempers and sharper responses with loved ones. Difficult relationships in business, friendships, or primary partnerships can create a never-ending mental screenplay where imaginary conversations play out, overriding the present moment.

The feeling of stuckness brings introspection: What do I really want? Am I happy? Where did I get off track? How do I get back to myself? How can I be more authentic in my work and life?

With a goal of alignment through your whole being, from your deepest values to your greatest aspirations, we identify your energizing traits that carry through all aspects of your life. Identifying what excites you and where you experience peak performance will allow you to spend your time and energy in those areas while delegating the tasks that drain your energy.

Coaching is how you can:

  • Make deep and lasting change

  • Build confidence & learn to own your voice

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Change behaviors that no longer serve you

  • Discover internal roadblocks

  • Get out of your own way

  • Stop sabotaging your own success

How I work
I work holistically with my clients.


We live in a culture that divides and would have us believe that who we are at work is a version of ourselves that exists in the vacuum of work. Likewise, the version that exists with our romantic partners is a piece of us, as is the version we are with our family, and another version with our friends. Things fall apart when you forget that you are a whole person and that all those pieces work together with common values and dreams.

The deepest part of the work I do is helping my clients remember who they are at their core and reconnect all the seemingly disparate pieces of themselves into a whole, cohesive being.


This work is done together and focuses not on the origin of the stories of separation and trauma, but on the current stories being lived and how to reframe them, retraining the brain through a variety of neuroplasticity exercises, refocusing your consciousness though simple exercises in awareness, and taming your subconscious through exercises that get through to it so it will shift its narrative to drive you toward your full potential.

While doing the deeper work to change the internal monologue and ideas of worthiness we also address the pragmatics for more immediately recognizable and measurable successes.

Wave lines_edited.png
Wave lines_edited.png

You set the agenda. It is your job to show up and to be honest about your desires, open to doing the work necessary to reach your goals, and to follow through on your commitments.


As your coach, I have been trained to listen for what you're really saying and for what you're leaving unsaid. I reflect back your desires and strengths, and I hold you accountable to yourself, your goals, and any self-sabotaging behaviors. I offer insights to help you get out of your own way and at times I will challenge you to push yourself so you can become the version of yourself you most deeply dream of being.


Together we generate synergy for the creation of vibrant ideas, energetic goals, and a field of inspiration in which you get to grow and thrive. You will learn new techniques to assess and overcome challenging situations to use and share with your partners in life and business.

I am not here to analyze or diagnose you. I am here to help you brighten your light and illuminate the path before you. You can do it. I believe in you.

What you can expect

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