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How to Heal Yourself & Live Fully

The gift to you from the archetypal energy of the Healer is something we all seek. The beauty of this offering is that it's always there, always available to you, and that it wants to be with you as much as you want to have it. The Healer offers full, whole hearted engagement with your life. It offers courage and connection to all that you desire most deeply. It leaves behind all that is unnecessary and in the way of your true purpose.

The Healer encourages a life full of passion and purpose.

Let what's done be done

Seems simple enough, right? It is. But simple doesn't mean easy. The core of this idea requires you to embrace death as an ally. Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. So death is not an ending, but a transformation. Transform old ways of living into new ways of thriving. Honor what was and embrace the unknown of what’s to come.

When you hold on to something no longer serving you (an idea, a career, a relationship, even a defense mechanism) your focus on it gives it energy and life while simultaneously blocking the channel for things new and vibrant. Letting go of the parts that aren’t supporting you doesn’t mean throwing the baby away with the bathwater. Even the poorest of defense mechanisms served a purpose and kept you safe, and when you grow into healthier ways of taking care of yourself you honor the good of your old behaviors: Maybe stoicism helped you learn self reliance, or victimhood showed you that people will help when needed, or a bad relationship taught you how to speak up for yourself, or a soul sucking job prompted you to take action toward your dream career. Whatever it was, honor it and let it go, but bring the skills and lessons learned.

The healer asks you to make friends with death. Welcome death as a catalyst for movement and growth. Let go of what needs to be released and make space for an energetic, purposeful life. Death is the Healer's greatest ally, they are each other's balance and complement, the yin to the other's yang. To love life without appreciating death is to not fully appreciate life.

The Healer's energy is all about life, birth, and rebirth. None of which exist without transformation.

When you have faith that letting go will make space in your life for something greater, you are working well with the Healer energy.

The Healer's Shadow

Addiction to Intensity

There are many kinds of addiction. The Healer’s shadow is exhibited as an addiction to intensity. Existing in an intense state is often mistaken as being productive, focused, serious, and responsible. But when you’re intensely engaged in something your focus is often narrowed and myopic. Fearing missing any detail, you miss the bigger picture. By definition intensity is not a place of ease.

When do you get your best ideas? Is it when you’re intensely focused on finding a solution, or when you’ve taken a break and let your mind wander? Or how about when you're in the shower or drifting off to sleep? It is when you release and make space that the energetic solutions are able to flow to you. If you are not making space, you are holding on to something intensely -- one might say with a death grip. Loosen that grip and be transformed.

Alignment with the energy of the Healer invites a full and balanced heart and ushers in a sense of reciprocity.

In working with the Healer energy you learn to both give and receive, equally. Pay attention to what in your life has heart and meaning. Go there.

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