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Let Me Be Your Gutter Guard

This is a visual representation of me as a personal coach. My clients have a goal in mind -- getting a strike, or at least managing to hit a few pins -- but sometimes their aim is a bit off and their ball drifts to the gutter. I am the guard that nudges the ball back toward the pins.

Drift is a natural thing.

It's why there are rumble strips on highways.

Despite our best efforts to remain on course, we veer off from time to time. We detour from our intended road. Sometimes the detour is just around the block, sometimes we end up out off-roading in the desert in a hatchback (yikes!). Coaches are here to keep our clients on track. Humans are capable of so much, truly, whatever we set our minds toward, but we err in trying to do it all on our own.

So what does a coach do?

A coach works with you to help you reach your goals -- if it's to better your professional position, work on relationships, shift your thinking, be more active, create better work-life balance, feel more fulfilled, be more creative, or even deepen your spirituality... You name it, there's a coach for it.

But what does a coach do?

Coaches are trained listeners and trained question askers. We actively listen to you without attachment or judgment. We are here to support you and to help you walk the path you choose. We listen and redirect you if you're starting to veer off course. We bring you back to center when you're trying to wriggle away. We catch you when you're trying to self-sabotage and help you examine what's going on. We look for ways you may be selling yourself short and challenge you to push a little farther.

A coach is not going to give you the answers or tell you what to do.

But a coach will help you discover your own answers faster than you would on your own.

There is power in conversation. There is power in having someone listen to you and really hear you. The space we hold for our clients is sacred in its confidentiality and non-judgment. We want you to succeed, but it's up to you to do the work.

Coaches empower you

By listening and asking the right questions at the right times a coach guides you to your own solutions. When you come up with your best ideas you gain the deep knowing that you have it within yourself to come to your best answers. When working with a coach you develop skills and systems that you will take with you and use long after your coaching relationship is concluded. We may only work together for a few months, but you'll use what you learn for a lifetime.

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